A brief description of the current classes we offer. You can find the schedule of the classes here.

Aerial Yoga

During Aerial Yoga we use the yoga hammock to practice and support our body.

The yoga hammock allows you to experience on a different level how to improve your body tension and, in doing so, sink deeper in the asana.

In Aerial Yoga you explore new dimensions beyond the yoga mat and you discover your body differently while you learn to fly, ground yourself more and explore the effects of hanging upside down.

Aerial Yoga guides you to experience another way to work with and relax both your body and mind.

Aerial Yoga is taught by Valerie Nkale.

Anusara® Yoga

Anusara yoga is an integrated style of yoga that combines an inspiring non-dual Tantric philosophy with Universal Principles of Alignment to create a practice that transforms body, mind, and heart. The physical practice that energizes the body and makes us strong, a breath practice that calms the mind, and a journey to the “heart”, to our inner Self, whose nature is Consciousness and Bliss.

In this philosophy we look for the good in all things. We work on self-acceptance and embrace diversity in all our Anusara classes. Special emphasis is on finding the midpoint between stability and freedom in poses. This increases flexibility and muscular strength, opens a doorway to the heart, the core of our being, and makes our yoga practice a fun and uplifting experience.

Each class begins with a life-affirming theme, which is woven through the poses and with the breath, helping each student to recognize their true nature and to find freedom and balance both on and off the mat. Open to beginner and experienced yogis alike. The Anusara Basics Class is for true beginners wishing to begin practicing Anusara yoga, with emphasis on learning the basic yoga poses while moving with the breath.

Benefits include: a strong physical workout targeting both upper and lower body and overall flexibility. An experience of inner connection: body, mind and spirit, leading to a new perspective on life.

Anusara Yoga is taught by Aida Ponce, Courtenay Willis, Daniela Jaron, Melissa Watkins and Silke Wilson.

Body Awareness

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Finish your day in a positive way with this guided class focused on meditation, awareness, and body scanning through Feldenkrais inspired methods and non-sleep deep rest.

Body Awareness is taught by Alexandra Verschuuren.

Core Strength

A full body workout that is tailored to enhance your yoga practice and improve your posture. The aim is to increase overall strength and muscle definition, while sculpting the thighs, arms and shoulders, training the glutes, toning the abdominals, and slimming the waist. No body part left behind!

This class is taught by Peter Eckstein.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga helps to balance mind and body by moving our bodies in physical postures, asanas, that are guided by breathing, pranayama. In this class we emphasize the importance of proper breathing, alignment in posture, relaxation and meditation to help calm the mind and reduce stress. Each class is inspired by a personal intention that is woven into flowing yoga sequences with respect for individual ability. A guided deep relaxation, calming mind and body, allows each student to find inner tranquility at the end of each class.

This class is taught by Sigrid Van De Wijer.

Kids/Teen Yoga

Both Kids Yoga and Teen Yoga will improve concentration and focus, stimulate their imagination and help release energy in a fun, safe environment. Children are encouraged to explore and discover the mind and body in a fun-filled way! Using animated postures, kids learn about their bodies, nature, and the world around them through fun and play. Also promotes inner strength, confidence and self-esteem; a feeling of well-being and respect for others; and love for one’s self, inside and out.

This class is taught by Daniela Jaron.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin, the feminine principle: dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cooling, introspective. Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility and aiding healing while stimulating the nadis or meridians to loosen energetic blockages and increase energy flow.

Yang, the masculine principle: light, active, outward and upward moving, heating, extropective. Yang yoga is the more traditional hatha-based asana practice that develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Yin Yang Yoga is a combination that balances the two, with an active warm up sequence to generate heat in the muscles, followed by gentler, longer-held stretches to increase flexibility.  This class can provide you with a practice that starts with an energizing and uplifting yoga series that evolves into a calmer period of  deep, introspective, and quiet poses to find that perfect balance of the masculine and feminine.

This class is taught by Sigrid Van De Wijer.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow emphasizes moving with your breath, flowing gracefully through yoga poses and also through the day.  You’ll come away from this class feeling energized and ready for whatever life throws at you!

Slow Flow is more of a smooth vinyasa-like flow balanced with longer holds, combining the dynamics of a yang flow with the benefits of a yin practice. Focus is on stability and ease, softness and relaxation. Slowing down will allow you to deepen your body-awareness and fine-tune your practice.

Core Flow focuses on core strength and control of the body’s mid-section as the foundation of a healthy back. This more dynamic class will require more energy and some experience with basic yoga postures. Give it a try if you are looking for a stronger, more challenging class.

Slow Flow and Core Flow are both taught by Sigrid Van De Wijer.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a state of conscious yogic deep sleep, a simple yet profound technique that unwinds the nervous system and induces complete physical and mental relaxation with inner awareness. This is a practice to enrich, soothe and nourish one’s everyday experience of life. It provides an opportunity to rest quietly, relax your body and mind, and connect with all that you are and everything that is. Yoga Nidra is not about fixing anything. Instead, through open awareness, it allows any tension in the body and/or mind to dissolve all on its own, restoring peace and harmony in your whole being.

This class is taught by Leen De Witte.