You can find our pricing table below.

You can pay by bank transfer to:

TREE of Life acct
BE 64 0016 5863 7352

Mention your name and the purchased option on the bank transfer description. Your account will be updated within one working day.

Our workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings don’t fall into this pricing table and have to be paid separately.

Trial class10€ for 2 classes3 weeks
Single class22€ for any class1 class
15€ student/senior1 class
10 class card135€6 months
95€ student/senior6 months
20 class card195€6 months
155€ student/senior6 months
Introductory month unlimited45€1 month (one time only)
Unlimited month75€1 month
55€ student/senior1 month