Coronavirus updates

As of March 7th, the Covid restrictions have been loosened. This means that it is no longer necessary to show a Covid Safe certificate nor wear a mask indoors.

However, should restrictions be reinstated at a future date, please comply to the following measures below.


What if I'm not vaccinated?

Don’t worry! You can still continue your practice! Please present a valid test each time you come for your class to our teachers.
Alternately, we continue to offer Zoom® classes that you can join from home.

What if I'm vaccinated?

You’ll be requested to present your digital certificate using the Covid Safe App. If you are a regular student, your teacher will know you and you will not have to undergo this procedure each time.
We will all have to get used to these new measures very fast and we think this sacrifice to Covid measures will go smoothly with your friendly cooperation.

In addition, please wear your face mask until you are on your mat or take your place in the room, bring your own yoga mat (if applicable) and water bottle, and disinfect hands before and after your practice.
For your reassurance, and to help put you at ease, please know that we as teachers also take the same measures as are required by the government.

Our old measures are back in effect

  1. Keep social distancing 1.5 meters and wear your facemask until you are on your yoga mat.
  2. Use disinfecting handgel and/or soap to wash your hands before and after the class. Limit touching surfaces.
  3. Leave your shoes by the door and take your belongings with you. Only 1 person at a time can be in the hallway.
  4. Register online through the Mindbody® app for classes as the space is limited. You must be registered in advance (up to 15 min before class) and pay for your class by bank transfer. We can no longer register you or accept payment on the spot.
  5. Once you book your class, it can only be cancelled 2 hours in advance of the class. Otherwise, the class will be deducted from your class card. The distancing measures represent for us a decrease in the number of students per class which requires certain adaptations. Your support and understanding is precious.
  6. If you are feeling unwell or have a cough, stay home and rest up. If you are prone to runny nose or sneezing, do not forget your tissues and be careful.
  7. Arrive at the agreed time and aim to leave immediately after the session, or at least 15 min after the class has ended to make space for new students to enter.
  8. The toilet can be used with a facemask, but the changing room and kitchen are closed.
  9. Communication is very important and we invite your feedback.
  10. We are going to move forward with patience, compassion, grace and love.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Courtenay and the Tree team