Know & Live your Strengths – a workshop with Sabine Nelissen

Date:  to be announced

Time:  13-17u00

Cost:  50 euro (min 4/ max 10 participants)


Discover the many strengths that slumber within you and are waiting to be
brought into the open. Get energised by naming them and learn to give them the
space they deserve so that you can flourish in life, work and relationships.


What the workshop will include:

– Why this workshop?
– Exercises alone, in pairs, and in the group to identify your strong points and
develop them
– A bit of theory
– Guided meditation
– Lots of good energy, discoveries and fun (+ break to relax and
refresh bodies and minds)!

The workshop has been based on ‘The Strengths Book’ by Sally Bibb, as well
as works of Veit Lindau, German coach and author and an exercise of the
book “what colour is your parachute” by R.N. Bolles.

About the Teacher 

Sabine Nelissen is a life coach, trainer and teacher.



Feedback from previous workshops:
“I found inner strengths I did not know still existed in me, and feelings I buried a
long time ago, now realized and learning to deal with it”

“I’m glad that you give me the opportunity to thank you for discovering my strengths in another dimension and with new forces I didn’t even know. This new extra power is making me stronger and I can feel that it helps me on my way to realise my projects”

“The interaction with the other participants made me leave my comfort zone and that was very helpful. I had forgotten all about my strengths; the workshop allowed me to become aware of them again. This had a very quick and positive influence on my daily life and job – thank you!”


26 Jun 2024


13:00 - 17:00


50.00 €




Tree of Life yoga studio
Nieuwstraat 7, Tervuren