Intention Setting Retreat with Ballwork & Soundbath — 21 January, 2024

Sunday, 21 January, 2024

90 euro for full day/ 40 euro per session

Tree of Life Yoga


What better way to kickstart 2024 than by treating yourself to a day of SELF CARE & HEALING, setting INTENTIONS for the NEW YEAR and RELEASING whatever’s in the way of you manifesting your innermost desires. 


10u30-12u30 Bodymind Ballwork with Silke Wilson 

The morning will begin with a relaxing yet deep Ballwork practice with Silke Wilson, a Self Care practice that invites you to turn your attention inward, exploring your body from the inside out, feeling and massaging muscles and fascia using pressure from the balls. Trouble spots like lower back, hips, neck and shoulders respond well to the ballwork and pain often dissipates quickly. Stress relief, healthy breathing, more easeful movements in daily life and in sports are the results of working with the balls regularly.

12u45-13u45 Complimentary Lunch with soup & dessert (included in FULL DAY price) 


14u00-16u00 Sound Bath & Cacao Ceremony with Rasmus Crab

In the afternoon Rasmus Crab will take you on a healing sound journey using Tibetan singing bowls, drums, flute, didgeridoo, rainstick and other ethnic instruments.  Healing with sound is an ancient application of vibrational or energetic medicine, culminating through all times and throughout the world. In this way your energetic vibration is raised, blockages are localized and removed and your original harmony is restored. Cacao ceremonies have traditionally been used for inner awakening and guidance.  Rasmus will guide you through a cacao ceremony, inviting you to set intentions for the new year as well as to release whatever is in the way of you manifesting your deepest, innermost desires.



Silke Wilson bio

SILKE WILSON is a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher and has been teaching Yoga for 12 years. She co-teaches retreats and Teacher Trainings at the Tree of Life together with Courtenay Willis. In the past years she has been exploring Ballwork techniques extensively and successfully completed Ellen Saltonstalls Bodymind Ballwork Teacher Training in early 2022. She loves the freedom of movement, the deep joy of body sensing and the ability of self care at home and on the go as the balls make excellent travel companions. She is super excited to share her experience with others.


RASMUS CRAB is the founder of The Golden Tree, a holistic energy center in Leuven, where he heals people through sound and massage and reconnects them with their own inner flow and harmony. After a decade of gardening and exploring the healing power of nature, Rasmus developed his skills of energy and soundhealing. Although he found the essence of life in himself, he also has the ability to help others to reconnect with their own essence.


REGISTER: online via our mindbody scheduler (please register under Adult Workshops, not as a Class), accessible via our website

PAYMENT: by bank transfer to the TREE of Life acct.BE 64 0016 5863 7352 with mention of your name + Sunday Retreat. Your place is secure once payment is received.

PROVIDED:   all balls will be provided, plus yoga mat, blankets, eye pillows.  Wear warm and comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Space is limited so book your place fast to assure your place.

For more info, contact Courtenay Willis, Tree of Life owner/manager, at


21 Jan 2024


10:30 - 16:00


90.00 €




Tree of Life yoga studio
Nieuwstraat 7, Tervuren