Feeling Grateful

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I love the Fall season!  My family and I take an Autumn walk each year to enjoy the beauty of the season.  It’s a tradition we’ve been doing since we moved here 10 years ago, and I look forward to it each year.  I love how it brings us together, helps us slow down and just enjoy the simple pleasure of walking with each other and sharing stories.  I love how it helps us feel grateful for all that we have; our family and friends, a roof over our heads, good health and happiness.  Something so simple as a little walk can make such a big difference!

Autumn is also about delighting in the senses, with the spectacular colors, the earthy smell of decomposition in the air, the sound of leaves falling, and the rustle of leaves as one walks along the path.  Het Zonienwoud/La Foret de Soignes is at its peak and how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy its gifts and all its splendour.  How blessed we are to have this ancient forest literally on our doorstep!  It’s a place I go to daily for inspiration as well as rest and rejuvenation.  I cannot imagine a day without a walk in the woods, and of course my dog Jenny is right by my side!

November is the month for Gratitude.  Feeling grateful makes you feel happy and content, and when you’re happy, those around you will feel happier.  Expressing your gratitude takes it one step farther, as you lift others up on the wave of your joy.  Take time this month to try this practice and see how it affects you and those around you. You might just make someone’s day!  I consider it a real blessing to work at the Tree and to meet so many wonderful people from Belgium and all over the world.  I appreciate this social aspect as it helps me feel more connected with a community of like-minded citizens.    Thank you for your part in this, no matter how big or small – thank you for your continued support!