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ONLINE Classes via


at the TREE!



** REGISTRATION is done as usual through our Tree of Life Mindbody app, and viewing is done via ZOOM, to be installed on your computer or mobile.


** The first time you register, you will receive the zoom link & password by email 15 min before class begins.  We use the SAME zoom link & password for ALL classes, which I’m not posting here anymore since we keep getting hacked ; / but when you use it once, it will be saved in your zoom settings to use for each subsequent class.


**When you login for a class, you will be placed in a waiting room, and the host will admit you to class.  Click “join with audio” in order to be able to access the sound.  Please login at least 10 min before class and mute your microphone upon being admitted to a class.


** Livestream classes must be paid before we send you the link.

**PAYMENT is by bank transfer to TREE acct:  BE 64 0016 5863 7352  with mention of your name + your purchase.  A zoom 10x card can be purchased for 108 euro!  DROPIN class 12 euro!  


** Classes are LIVE and start on time. Classes not taken on time cannot be refunded or re-credited. We therefore recommend that you take sufficient time before your class to connect to ZOOM and adjust the audio and video settings of your computer or mobile.


** Bookings to Livestream classes are open up to 30 minutes before the class starts.  Any cancellation within 2 h of class time will be charged. We do not take any cancellation/modification of classes by email. Please go directly through the mindbody app.


** When the class is full, the “SIGN UP” button disappears. It is then no longer possible to register.


** Please note that Tree of Life can in no way be held responsible for any internet connection issue or bandwidth restrictions and no class reimbursement can be made for these reasons. Livestream credits can neither be transferred to regular classes at the studio nor be refunded.