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In an effort to serve you better, we now have online registration.  This will allow you to reserve your space on the mat, manage your subscription by knowing how many classes you have remaining and when your card will expire, and see which classes you’ve taken and with what teacher(s).  You’ll also receive automatic updates if a teacher has been changed, a class has been cancelled, and your card is about to expire, for instance.  If you wish not to receive these updates, then you can choose that option.  This new system gives you more control of your practice!!!    SO HOW does it work?

Go to our website! 

On the right-hand side of the home page, under Classes and Events, click on View Schedule and Register Online

This will take you to the MINDbody scheduler, where you’ll see the schedule for the week.  Find the class you want and click SIGN UP NOW.  If you want a class for the following week, you can select the day or week of the class from the tabs above and the schedule for that week will appear. 

A LOGIN page will appear.  You are all NEW to the site, so type your first and last name.  If you are already a client, the next window will appear with your name already listed, asking you the question, “is this you?”  because your client information has already been added into the system (by me!).  Then it will prompt you to Create your password, and you’re ready to GO!   

Take a moment to update your profile, and make sure the information is correct.  In particular, your telephone number, or mobile number, is important in case we need to contact you.  Also, your birthdate is helpful as you earn a FREE class on that day or the week of your birthday!

To reserve a class, you can either reserve a single class or make a RECURRING reservation, if you wish to come to the same class every week.  If you make a recurring reservation, please remember to cancel at least 2 hours in advance of the class if you are unable to make it.  Otherwise, your card will be charged for that class.  While you can sign up for a class without having paid, you need to pay before actually being signed in and taking the class.  You can pay by bank transfer or cash, as before, but you cannot make purchases online through the MINDbody site.   

Finally, if you are computer-phobic, no worries!  We can sign you in!  The only difference is now your data will be stored online rather than on little white cards, and you can access it IF and WHENEVER you want to!   It’s up to you 🙂

As always, remember to breathe and please let me know if you have any questions!


om shanti,

 Courtenay Willis, Tree of Life Yoga