1000 golden arches

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I love witnessing the cycle of nature in the forest, of creation and dissolution, as the brilliance and fullness of summertime gently gives way to the quiet and calm of winter.

It reminds me of Spanda, or the pulsation of energy, that’s inherent in Life all around us and even within our very own bodies.  With each inbreath, we breathe in new energy, new life and new opportunity, and with each outbreath, we learn to let go of whatever is not serving us anymore.

We can benefit from the simple saying, “follow your breath”.  As we allow our breath to take us deeper inside, we begin to experience that part of ourself that never changes … the authentic part that connects us to the 1000 golden arching trees that tower overhead so that we feel no difference between That and Us, since ultimately We are That … and That is Us.

I go to the forest for the same reason that I do yoga … to experience my true self and to feel whole and happy and content and grateful.  And to feel ONE with those majestic, magnificent trees!



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